By Loly Reyes

First evacuation (Kent and Sussex)


David Jacobs evacuation: from London to Hoath.
david jacobs evacuation.JPG

Some of the children really enjoyed their new activities in the countryside:

Howar Baker was evacuated by boat to Yarmouth:
in a similar boat to this one "The Royal Sovereign":

Great Yarmouth was heavely bombed in World War 2, probably because of the naval base.

Eilleen Wells was not lucky with neither of their billeting families in Lancing, Sussex.
Some children waiting to be billeted. Notice the cardboard box where they had their gas masks.
children waiting to be billeted.jpg

Second evacuation (Cornwall and Wales)


Many evacuees changed location several times during the war. For instance, during the four years that lasted her evacuation (1940-1944), Beryl Batten and her family lived in different places around Cornwall. You can see them in this map:
Beryl Batten Location.png
The Anonymous contributor was evacuated to Wales:
london to wales.JPG

This video shows how the children were taken to the countryside:

Jim Hudges was very happy in his destination in the countryside.
london to coln rogers.JPG
Sheila Shear made an unforgetable friendship in Chesham.
london to chesham.JPG
Chesham, High Street:

Further locations (Australia and Canada)

Margaret Gardiner was taken to Australia, where her mother had been born.
london to sidney.JPG
And when Churchill reassured that the danger was over they came back to the west coast of Scotland.
west coast of Scotland.JPG

Thea Arnold had the opportunity to leave England and have a new life in Montreal with her children.

southampton to montreal.JPG

Children being evacuated overseas. There were over 6,000 to Canada, 5,000 to the United States and around 600 to Australia.